Achtergronden van en invloeden op berichtgeving over lezen en literatuur

17 augustus 2020

This study aims to make journalists’ working methods and their choices made when writing articles about reading and literature more transparent for the non-profit organisation Iedereen Leest. Two specific categories of articles about reading and literature were looked at; articles about children’s literature and articles about a current newsworthy topic in literature: the Flemish Canon. Both specialised and non-specialised journalists of the Flemish newspapers De Morgen and De Standaard were interviewed about their methods. The findings of this study can help Iedereen Leest to provide information for journalists in a more targeted manner. In addition, much-discussed themes and trends about how the communication surrounding reading and literature in media is established, can be uncovered. 


Lara Decrae


dr. Martina Temmerman


Iedereen Leest


Vrije Universiteit Brussel